As foreseen, new certificates have been installed for eHealth value added services  (ex. BELRAI, CIVARS, CIVICS, EMSR, INSISTO, PARIS, REFERENCEDATA, RETAM, SAA, SANAC, SIPAR, SMUREG, VITALINK…) during the eHealth major release intervention this Sunday, November, 18. Partner applications using eHealth Identity Provider should have the new certificates installed.

Moreover, a necessary change was made to eHealth’s secure single-sign-on tokens. This might cause login issues for applications that retrieved such a token this morning to access eHealth core services. To ensure that your end user software takes into account the changes we made, you should restart your session by rebooting your application or computer if your session was started before 11:40 AM. Be sure that the old token has not been stored in a cache memory.

If the problem persists, contact your software provider.

Need to restart the sessions started before 11:40 AM